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Giuseppe Scalese

Psychotherapeutic counsellor


I am a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor in Integrative Transpersonal and a registered member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

I trained in London at the Re-Vision Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy which includes counselling and psychotherapy with a soulful perspective.

I have worked in private counselling services such as Elms in Waltham Forest and The Koan Practice both located in London, in which both short and long term therapy were offered. I've been practicing for over 3 years and attending for years courses and workshops for personal and professional development.

My background is varied as I have a Computer Science degree obtained in Italy and a Masters in Sound Arts attended in London, UK.

I provide therapy to individuals and I have experience of working in areas such as stress and anxiety, relationship issues with self and others, sexual identity and sexuality, masculine embodiment issues, depression, sadness, loss and grief, life crises, finding meaning in the problems experienced, low self-esteem, suicidal  thoughts, addiction and compulsive behaviors.

My approach is Integrative Transpersonal which means I draw on various models including Jungian, Humanistic, Existential, Developmental, body, Gestalt, archetypal psychologies as well as psychodynamic theory and neuroscience.

The transpersonal includes working with myth and story, poems, the imagination, drawings, dreams and imagery and spiritual dimensions.

I offer compassionate and confidential support to help clients explore difficult experiences and feelings in a way to find potential meanings, insights and transformation through them.  I tailor my approach to each client’s needs based on what they want to obtain from therapy, and highly considering the differences and diversities involved in the work together.

My way of working is relational. This means the relationship between clients and me is key for the work - what emerges between us is fundamental for the work itself. Clients’ everyday patterns might emerge during our work together. So, in a collaborative and respectful way, I’ll support clients in exploring and make sense of these patterns in our space, in order for them to navigate through them and find meaning and insights.

I also work in a way to pay attention and honour soul. The soulful approach is a way to respect clients’ sufferings and I aim to support clients to work through them, instead of trying to remove clients from their difficulties. People’s sufferings may flag that deeper parts of ourselves have been abandoned or forgotten. These sufferings might point to a deeper need to give “space” to those forgotten or abandoned parts of ourselves that are still longing to be “heard and seen” with compassion and care, in an attempt to heal past wounds and re-integrate what has been buried for survival purposes at earlier stages of life.

Languages: English, Italian


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