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Individual psychotherapy is a therapeutic process that aims at the well-being of the individual in all areas of life. During the process, the psychotherapist will help the client process their struggles by identifying their origins and making meaning. Psychotherapy is a journey that induces changes in the perception of oneself, of others and in one's behaviour; it can increase the person's self-esteem and ability to better manage the problems of daily life. All those who experience general or specific issues such as anxiety disorder, mood disorder, eating disorder, sleep and sexual and relational disorders, or who want to learn to know themselves better, can access individual psychotherapy.

Fees (50 mins): £80 

Concessionary and student rates: £65


All relationships can face some struggles and challenges. Couples counselling can help identify and work on relational dynamic, improving communication and conflict resolution, for a deeper connection and a more satisfying partnership. Couples counselling can generally bring more understanding of the relationship. It can also be of support to parents who are in the process of separating and want to work on the future relationship.  

Fees (60 mins): £100 


Parenting support sessions aim to provide psychological support to the couple engaged in the delicate task of raising a child. The counseling focuses on the emotional experiences that parenthood entails and how these affect the parent-child relationship. Parental counseling can also provide useful tools and strategies to improve the management and behavior of children, also in the presence of behavioral disorders such as ADHD or oppositional-defiant disorder. The service is also aimed at those who are expecting a child or who have recently had one; in this case, the consultancy aims to welcome the emotional experiences that accompany the entry into the parental role and to provide practical strategies in daily management of the first months of life

Fees (70 mins): £110 


We offer an in-depth and multi-dimensional coaching program, based on our therapeutic background and on ancient techniques. The program works on the physical, emotional and mental dimensions together to enhance your health, concentration, and well-being. 

Coaching can help you to improve performance in work, relationships, or sports, improve quality of life, it can support you to reach one or more specific goals, guide you through a career or life change, reduce stress and anxiety, find the best lifestyle for you, transform bad habits to good ones, gain greater self-knowledge and self-realisation.


Fees (70 mins): £110 


Hypnotherapy is an approach in which the client experiences changes in the level of sensations, perceptions, thoughts and behavior. It can be described as a state of focused attention that occurs through deep relaxation. Thanks to the hypnotic induction it is possible to enter a state of "modified consciousness" and high receptivity, where the sensations experienced are able to modify our experiences and our deepest perceptions. Hypnotic therapy is useful in treating anxiety states, obsessive disorders, panic attacks and sleep disorders.

Fees (60 mins): £100 

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